Where am I??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minus -13 C!

I cant believe its so cold here.

Ive seen 3 types of horizontal sized snowflakes outside the window of my office today. Go figure.

Friday, September 17, 2010


paulo coehlo.
i think youre inspiring.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sitting in cafe. with laptop = happy

hi there.

i feel alot more connected here in Canada than i have in a really long time.

i am in toronto sitting in a local cafe. its pretty 'shi shi' here, but its all good.

is it because i have a new exciting job venture? is it because this city has things going for it that vancouver is half asleep (or perhaps a little stoned) to wake up to?

im amazed @ the possibilities.

I am excited.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

london treats

hmm... enthusiasmada...

unpacking. moving. tiring.

observations from moving.

its amazing what stuff you find youve accumulated. what to throw away. what to keep.

i love books. but i only brought my big journal... travelling with books is heavy.

strange though, i am going to be working for a book publishing company. the whole concept of reading on an ipad (a kindle actually appeals to me more) is amazing. thousands of books @ my disposal on a very light and portable device.


this is the future of publishing. i know it.

couldnt find my iq

i decided id do a free test. i think its bogus.

Free IQ Tests
Free-IQTest.net - Free IQ Tests

Friday, September 10, 2010


So I am here... and I feel inspired to blog again after quite a long hiatus of nothing...

I am BACK people!

It may be because I have 2 new cool roomies I have just literally met and arrived here in TO and I am inspired to bring back MND from a few years back... but Canadian style!

Am very excited about my new internship/job @ S&S book publishers starting in a week 1/2!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


feeling antsey.

waiting to hear some news. will let you know once i find out...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

funny observations

the steamclock and the tourists that group together... the sounds every 1/4 hour... give me a chuckle.


on the flipside...
i enjoyed riding my bike in the rain today... first day of rain in vancouver for weeks! (also reminds me why I am on my way out of here!)

good food. just had steak... hmm...

the strange and interesting folk that are mostly homeless around gastown... so many look like 'tom hanks' in ... what was that movie where he's stranded on the island like robinson crusoe and makes friends with the volleyball "wilson"?

oh- and i have a slight gripe. Im not usually one to just hand money out to the many homeless around here, because most of them are junkies ( i prefer to buy food)... so when a guy approached me 'not for money' he said... but ' could you buy me some bread, jam and peanut butter for me and my girlfriend?' ... i just came back from a hotyoga class and was in a good mood. So i did. What did i do? I left my favourite drink bottle on the counter...
upon going back to the store the next day... (once i realised where I had left it) ... the guy funnily enough who i bought the food was there, but he HAD TAKEN MY DRINK BOTTLE. (thats the last time i will see that)... c'mon man, it wasnt for you to TAKE!

oh well. those are my funny observations for the day.

im out.

Friday, August 06, 2010

inspired to write

so... I am in a great mood.
hot yoga will do that to you.
no rain for a month will help the process.

summertime and heading to bowen island going for a bike riding/ hiking / swimming adventure for the day is ... WOOT WOOT.


Friday, July 30, 2010

its time for a new rhyme

ok. so ive been so minivan-megaslack...

i think i just come up with random stuff to post on my blog when im in the mood.

ive come to the conclusion that one must write and bore her blog followers irrespective of whether one 'feels' like it or not.

I think the biggest loss of not posting as I have gone along this past year... is that you havent seen the changes and development of my many vancouver 'moods'.

this place has a way of drawing out the best and the worst in one's exploration of the self...
ok, that may sound obscure, even a little mis represented.. but the truth is... until you live here in Vancouver and experience it for yourself... will you know what the heck im talking about.

i guess part of my job here is to explain as best as i can, without slamming this place...

yes. it is beautiful.
yes it is green.
yes it is laid back.

but yet... the people can be vain. impolite. unfriendly and seemingly 'polite' but fake.

i could divulge further,

but since people tend to like to listen to the good bits... i will proceed to tell you just how COOL Whistler is and how i got to see the Olympic games while working up at Cypress Mountain earlier in the year... yet... that will just make you jealous.

ha. I dont know. I dont like to alienate, maybe im giving my blog too much kudos for that, but either way... this has been a journey and one in which is only just beginning.

also. Im turning 30 in november. that will be a startling revelation... haha. despite the fact I will remain looking like a university student for a while to come. i will embrace my youthful appearance and love it when im 80 years old and i wont look a day older than 60. Until that day comes, I will just embrace the fact that I am chameleon like in the way i relate to people. 21 year olds think im their age... people in their 30's can tell I am older by the way i speak and by my experiences, despite my youthful appearance... and 40 year olds just dont know what to think... and grandmas will always call us 'youngins'.

ok. ive said enough. oh, and i had a 2 for one at my local net cafe. im very happy. just consumed a grande teacup of dark hot chocolate. onto the rooibos for round #2. *ding ding!

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 2010


Realised its been a while since ive blogged...

So much has happened in the space of a few weeks!!!

Ive worked on a ski mountain... we all lost our jobs... but now we have compensation.... ive been on a road trip to Sunpeaks...

ive settled in happily to Gastown and found my way downtown in Vancouver...

and well... things are going well!! YAY!

Monday, November 30, 2009


i had something funny to post, but as usual, when it came to me coming back to writing it... i have forgotten it.

must remember to write blog ideas down when im commuting on the bus and get some ideas...

btw. i moved house today! its working out quite uncannily well... update soon xo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

she's a movin house!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

weather without you

i see some partial blue sky this morning (which always gets me excited)!

the weather here in good ol' vancouver is just a green plant's ideal retreat.

its rained here non stop for at least 3-4 days (this is 'normal')

so its no wonder that lack of vitamin D has been slacking off from my immune system.

Im not sure if its the case of the 'S.A.D's... (seasonal affective disorder)

but i am definately feeling the pinch!!! (maybe its also because my tan has significantly disappeared from an expresso to a caffe latte)

Friday, November 13, 2009

cross cultural confusion

im having one of my 'moments'. no, not one of those ' did you just look at me and i looked at you and we had a 'moment'.

im talking about those times when i get lost in my bevy of thoughts, and my silly brain goes wandering and thinking and spiralling.

so... i thought id at least try to break that cycle and read up on my favourite commie bloggers feed and see what everyone else is doing because i tend to find solace in hearing other's stories, their poignant 'lists' thanks leslie and other's insights.

as im sitting in a house in the burbs, i am appreciative (because thats what is good to do) to have a roof over ones head... but I am at that point that is necessary to break out and see new things and start new projects. cant wait!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"H" "one" "N" "one" aka "Hiney"

so... its winter season coming up here in north america/canada and well... the epidemic media hype (and pharmaceutical company windfall during recession)... has definately heated up.

So many of these H1N1 vaccines have come into canada... not kidding... something like 2 million flu shots are going be available and 'most' people in the 'top 6' categories of importance... namely children under 5, pregnant women, healthcare workers etc etc will get priority and shots up until Christmas.

Oh My Goodness. People have gone insane.

I know its important to be vaccinated against certain diseases and preventative measures are always wiser than reactionary measures for any problems... however... its just amazing how much fear has gripped people...

i still believe that more people die from the regular flu every year than so far has occurred with this strange strain of flu virus.

more people die from heart problems, cancer, aids and the rest, but you do not tend to see world wide proportions of cigarette banning or crackdowns on childhood obesity or ensuring correct educational resources are provided to those most vulnerable to certain ailments.

i'll get off my soapbox for now, but I guess our world has all its problems lopsided...

This might cause a few scorned respondents...

but if people really believe in Darwinism... would you think that H1N1 is just another way to weed out for survival of the fittest?

Truth be told... we're ALL going to die someday....

Mind you, I havent personally said that I believe any of the crap i just wrote, but I do seriously wonder where we put our energies sometimes in saving our world. Meanwhile... people die needlessly day after day in war-torn and impoverished nations... or even in our own backyards... but somehow, somewhere in the 'west' they'll spend billions of dollars over a strain of flu that may or may not infect you and in fact, you may or may not die from and lets face it... these shots do not actually PREVENT you from catching it!! It might just slow the virus down...

Ok. my rant here is done.

ps. i still feel sorry for the poor pigs who have now been ostracized for spreading something thats a little scary....